How long will this take?

This question is one of the first things I hear from people after a presentation. They are curious, how long before they see results from the time they invest in changing the way they think. This question has two inherent parts: first, there is an assumption this might not work and second, there is a belief that it could be a waste of time.

Our inherent beliefs guide our lives. If you enter into an endeavor without the full belief that it will be exactly what you expect, then that is where the problem lies. If you want the life you dream of, then you must evaluate your core beliefs and erase all doubt from your mind. In business, this is called focus, in athletics, we call it determination and in life, we call it faith. They are all pointing to the same facts. Deep down inside of successful people, there is a belief they will succeed. There is no time limit or criteria, just fulfillment of a dream.

If you want something, you must first believe you already have it and it is just a matter of going to get it. This belief is not based on time or some predetermined plan, it is just a pure belief you already have it and now you just need to take the actions to manifest it in your life.

That leads us into the second inherent belief. That doing anything to make your dreams a reality could be a waste of time. Our society makes an assumption that in the journey of successful people everything went the way they expected or planned. If you read a biography or listen to successful people tell their story, there are all kinds of sideways journeys and things they did not understand at the time. The overbearing common denominator is they just kept moving towards the goal they believed they already had.

Make sure your daily activities are establishing the correct beliefs to achieve your goal. They need to be positive and in the tone of you achieving or already achieving your goal. Stop worrying about how to get it or seeing things as roadblocks or wastes of time. If your daily actions and thoughts are not working to this end, then you are making this much harder and possibly keeping yourself from achieving the goal you desire. If you are unaware of what core beliefs your daily activities are creating and establishing, I encourage you to get help and change your activities and thoughts to establish the core beliefs you want.

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