Is this good or bad?

I was recently asked, “Why do bad things happen to me?” This is a tough question for many people to get past but it really comes done to understanding my 2nd principle – Change your perception, change your reality. Whether something is good or bad is really just your perception of the data you are receiving.

The things that are happening around you can seem very random and can sometimes be confusing as to how this is helping or why it is happening at all. Society has programmed us to want to know the why behind everything that is happening. This makes us very skeptical and cynical. We begin to question the purpose and look for the gotcha in everything.

You need to always believe, no matter what is happening around you, your goal in life is forming in the world and will soon be achieved in your life. Your are not responsible for understanding how and why. Remember, the process of thinking, believing and achieving is happening in the lives of the people around you also. From your perspective and others, it looks like chaos. The reality is it is an orchestra playing a beautiful symphony.

As someone’s goal or dream is achieved, it sets in motion events that make your goal or dream become a reality. This is the wonder of what creation has given us. Whether you call that person God, Jesus, Universe or any name our world have given creation, you have to be in awe of how this world is designed to work. If you make the effort to learn a simple process, learn the art of using it and then use it, you can have your dream life.

Stop worrying whether things or good or bad and live your life. If your perception is always that the event your are experiencing is for a very specific purpose, then you can keep your mind and energy focused on the goal you are seeking. Spend time with family, help the people that need you and love with all your heart.

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