Are you a carrot, an egg or a coffee bean? [Self Improvement]

Hi there, my name is Craig Hallenberger and I want to share with you a story I once heard that provides a great lesson in how we live our lives. It is titled, Are you a carrot, an egg or a bean?

A young woman comes to visit her mother. As soon as she walks in the house, she starts complaining about her life. Her frustration with her job, boyfriend and just about everything else that is part of her life.

While she is continuing to complain, her mother leads her into the kitchen and start boiling three pots of water. As soon as they come to a boil, she placed carrots in one of the pots, eggs in another and coffee beans in the last one. She continues to let her daughter gripe and moan about her life. After a few more minutes, she takes the carrots and places them in a bowl on the table. She does the same with the hard boiled eggs and pours the coffee into another bowl on the table.

She then interrupts her daughter and asks her what she sees in the bowls. Her daughter replies, “Carrots, hard boiled eggs and coffee. So what?” The mother chuckles and asks, “Are you a carrot, an egg or a bean?.” The daughter looks at her perplexed and even more frustrated because she did not see how this was going to fix her life.

The mother then explained. Each of these items faced the same adversity. The boiling water. The carrots enters the water hard and steadfast but the adversity of the boiling water soften them. The egg had a soft liquid center protected by an outer shell. As it dealt with the adversity of the boiling water its insides hardened. The bean entered the water hard but did not give into the adversity, it actually change the boiling water to coffee and filled the room with an amazing fragrance.

Her mother continues to explain. This is how many people approach life. They enter it with hard conviction only to soften under pressure and adversity. Others put on a strong outer shell but are actually like liquid inside swaying from one idea to another. As they face adversity their insides harden. While others actually change the adversity they are facing to meet their desired outcome and fill our world with their fragrance.

So you need to ask yourself, are you a carrot, an egg or a bean. Do you approach life’s adversity with steadfast drive only to soften under the pressure, or do you have a strong outer shell protecting a loving open minded center only to see it harden under pressure. It is my wish for you to be a coffee bean and when you face adversity you do not soften or develop a hardened heart. You actually change the adversity you are facing and fill the world with your incredible fragrance.

Thank you for your time and wish you all the best.

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