The Secret to Unlocking the Law of Attraction [Self Improvement]

Hi there, my name is Craig Hallenberger and when I first read the book the secret I was fascinated by the law of attraction. The concept sounded so attractive, pardon the pun. I just had to focus on what I desired and it would be attracted into my life.

However, like most people I was unsuccessful at making it work. As you may understand, I was extremely frustrated knowing this idea is out there that could completely change my life and I could not take advantage of it.

Fortunately, I continued to research the law of attraction. My research lead me to books about metaphysics, spirituality, religion and alternative medicines. They were all very valuable but nothing gave me the key to unlocking the power of the law of attraction. Then one day, I realized how similar it was to the biblical law of sow and reap. This connection lead me to the key that changed my life.

The key is forgiveness. A lot of people talk about forgiveness but the majority of people I have worked with have never truly experienced forgiveness. The law of attraction is always working. We just need to tap into it and we accomplish this when we are truly free of our past. So the process and exercises of forgiveness are the key to unlocking the law of attraction.

I am not talking about anecdotal ideas or the lip service we typically experience in regards to forgiveness, I am talking about blowing through all the clutter and emotionally disconnecting from our past.

Our mind uses emotion as a filing system in our brains. The data it uses to help us solve problems or make decision is determined by the emotion we have towards the problem or event before us. True forgiveness is when you can remember something from your past that use to cause you anger or frustration and you are now ambivalent towards that memory. At this moment that memory has stopped controlling your future.

By the way, you are also being controlled by the memories that cause you happiness, as well as those that cause anger and frustration. The law of attraction is blocked by all the chains holding you to your past. If you remove these chains then the law of attraction is free to work in your life.

Imagine your thoughts are radio signals emanating or vibrating from you. The law of attraction states that the things in the universe that match your vibration will be attracted to you. I can promise you this law is real, I have experienced it in my life and I have helped hundreds of people experience it their lives. If you want to finally experience the law of attraction in your life, you need to crank the volume of your vibration up as loud as possible. Every chain you cut connecting you to your past, turns up the volume of your vibration another notch. Once you have removed all the chains, your vibrational volume will be turned up all the way and you will experience the law of attraction in your life.

Please remember one point in this process. You learn by doing. therefore, you have taught yourself to hold on to all these things from your past. In addition, society has reinforced this idea when you apply for anything. Think about applying for college, bringing a resume to a job interview or applying for a mortgage. Each one of these use your past to determine the outcome. This is not going to happen overnight. You need to make a conscious focused effort to teach yourself to let go of your past. So please take the time and learn how to truly forgive yourself and others. I promise you, it will be the best thing you have ever or will ever do for yourself and the people you love.

Please contact me if I can do anything to help you through this process. Thank you and I wish you all the best.

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