Get Your Cleats In The Ground [Leadership]

Hi there, my name is Craig Hallenberger and I have heard many entrepreneurs and sales people waste a lot of energy complaining about what is wrong or what has gone wrong, instead of learning the lesson and keep pushing towards their goal. Missing the old adage, just let it go. Last week during his weekly press conference, John Chavis, Defensive Coordinator for Texas A&M said something that every entrepreneur and sales person needs to hear. He was asked what he told his team as they were having questionable calls go against them. His response, “Get your cleats in the ground and get ready to play.”

We all face head wind on our journey to achieve our goals. The visual of creating stability by putting your cleats in the ground, is exactly what you should see. You need to be willing and in the mental position to fight for your dreams. Once you cleats are in the ground, get ready to play. The final step is taking action and playing your game with every ounce of energy you have.

This is why it is so important to let things goes. I have heard athletes use the term short term memory. The basic question is how do you do it. I have developed and I can teach anyone a process to let things go. Learning an effective technique is not the only barrier keeping most people from achieving the goal of letting things go. You must overcome the basic fact that we learn by doing. In other words, with societies lead, you have taught yourself to hold on to things. So, you must force yourself to perform a technique enough times to retrain your mind to let things go. It all comes down to action.

Let’s look at it another way, I can teach 1,000 people the technique that will let them truly let things go. The individuals that will achieve success are the ones that execute the technique I have taught them enough times for it to become a habit and there mind have learned the lesson to let things go. You must repeat a technique several hundred times until your mind becomes efficient and comfortable using it. The individuals that are not able to act on the information will not achieve the success they desire. This is why coaching is so important. The bottom line is, I am trying to make you understand that you are the biggest obstacle keeping you from what you desire. Creating a new habit with the accountability of a peer group, manager or coach is vital.

So stop complaining or wishing things were different, put your cleats in the ground and get ready to play. Create a plan, find a mentor or coach and start executing your plan. As you experience head wind or have an obstacle put in your way, remember to learn your lesson, stabilize yourself and take action to your goal.

Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.

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