The War for Your Mind

Hi there. My name is Craig Hallenberger and I help people defeat their mental barriers and achieve their goals. The other morning, I was on an early morning run and a thought came into my head. I want to share it with you as a blog post, so everybody can learn from it. Your results that you get, your ability to achieve a goal, your ability to have a happy life, whatever it is you’re trying to be. It can be changing your finances, your relationship, your health, whatever it is, you’re going to hear this constant theme that it’s about what you believe about yourself. I call it The Program.

It’s the program that we have that is in our subconscious mind that is driving all of our actions and our results. You have to do work to change what that program is. The way that program gets there, is by you experiencing life. Most importantly, it’s the opinions, it’s the emotions that you attach to things that you experience in your life. Now, that got me to thinking as I was running. There is a war going on inside your head. The result of that war is going to determine your life. It determines the result that you get. Who’s in this war?

Well, the first part of the war that’s going on is actually you. Your internal voice that you had as you came through adolescence and you starting growing up, and there were things you wanted to do when you could talk to yourself. Sometimes that voice is really hard on you. Sometimes that voice is trying to prop you up. Sometimes that voice is just trying to keep you going. You got that voice inside of you that’s you, that’s where you want to go. It’s your dreams. It’s your goals. It’s the life you desire for yourself.

The other voice that’s in your life, is the world around you. It could be immediate family. It could be peers. It could be the immediate life around you. It could be what you’re seeing through the news. It could be what you’re reading in books. All that stuff is fighting for your thoughts also. You have a choice. Believe it or not, you have a choice. If you let those outside influences interrupt into your mind and influence your thoughts, they’re going to take control of the resulting program.

That resulting program that’s running your life that is unique to you, but it’s going to be influenced and actually programmed by those voices outside of you. Not that voice inside of you that is saying all those things that you want in your life. That’s who’s fighting all those outside voices. You have to do the work to protect yourself from those outside influences while teaching your subconscious, by teaching this program the things you wanted to learn, so you can get where you want to go. That is the war.

If your voice wins, then you get a happy life. The people who get to their goals, the people who achieve their dreams, their voice won. Their voice was able to reprogram what they thought about themselves, what actions they chose to take, and thus the results that they got. People who are unhappy, people who are not satisfied with where they are, have lost that war. They have been influenced by voices outside of them. This is what you have to prevent from happening.

I hope this helps. My program does this, by the way. I have my core technique, it’s called an emotional mantra. Takes less time than brushing your teeth. It’s going to give you that defense. It’s going to give you the weapon to win this war. I have other techniques built around a process called the art of being successful. If you want to know more about it, reach out to me. You can call me at 512-560-3778 or you can shoot me an email at I’d be glad to help you in anyway that I can. Have a great day.

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