The War for Your Mind

Hi there. My name is Craig Hallenberger and I help people defeat their mental barriers and achieve their goals. The other morning, I was on an early morning run and a thought came into my head. I want to share it with you as a blog post, so everybody can learn from it. Your results… Continue Reading

Get Your Cleats In The Ground [Leadership]

Hi there, my name is Craig Hallenberger and I have heard many entrepreneurs and sales people waste a lot of energy complaining about what is wrong or what has gone wrong, instead of learning the lesson and keep pushing towards their goal. Missing the old adage, just let it go. Last week during his weekly… Continue Reading

A Tribute to Carl Hallenberger

Hi there, on September 15th I received a phone call that my brother, Carl Hallenberger, lost his fight with cancer. As a tribute to him, I wanted to share with you two valuable lessons he taught me about life. First, you can be anything you want to be and second, it is a noble endeavor… Continue Reading

Close 80% of Your Sales [Leadership]

Hi there, my name is Craig Hallenberger and I want to show you how you can be closing 80% of your sales. For several years now, I have seen some sales statistics published by The National Sales Executive Association. I would like to share them with you and explain how they can help you close… Continue Reading