My Story

Living on a hamster wheel

When I was 16 years old I was handed a book written by Zig Ziglar called, See You At The Top. Looking back, this book really started my journey to where I am now. If you have not read it, I highly recommend that you do. With the help of this book, I started the process of learning to set a goal and go after it. A problematic theme started for me. I could define the goals I desired and I worked extremely hard to manifest them in my life. The problem was, nothing significantly changed. I seemed to always find my self in the same spot I was before. I have spoken to thousands of people about this and I have discovered I was not alone. You may be or have experienced the same thing. I felt like I was on a hamster wheel. I was running and exerting a lot of energy but my environment was not changing.

My journey to improve my life

Luckily, I did not let the hamster wheel I was on keep me from pursuing my goals. I was constantly studying ideas I could use to achieve the success I desired. This studying intensified after my first child was born. I read and digested everything I could from the self improvement gurus. I discovered some incredible information but frustration was starting to set in. Every time I would find something that made me feel good and gave me hope, I would find my life was still not changing. This became a constant theme for this stage of my journey. This is where I find a majority of the people I meet. They want to improve their life, they just have not found a process to do it.

The epiphany that changed it all

There is an unseen energy in the world. I call that energy God. You can call it whatever you want. I have heard it called creative energy, ether and universal intelligence. The beliefs we have established in our sub conscious work with this energy to create our lives and the world as we know it. The actions that are taken between the beliefs in your sub conscious and this energy is called a paradigm. A paradigm is how your beliefs have formed together to create your belief system. Think of a paradigm as a program that creates your life. This paradigm can be changed and controlled using a clear set of rules. I have found these rules in theology, as well as in science, specifically in an atoms structure. In my personal journey, I found these rules in Christianity. I teach and coach these rules using Christian tradition or science depending on my audience/client.

How I see the world

Today, I implement my daily routine to structure my beliefs to create the life I desire. My defining statement is, my life is a reflection of me. If I don’t like something, I get frustrated like everyone else. However, I know that I need to change the beliefs in my sub conscious, if I want the situation to change. In addition, I am free of fear or struggle because I know my routine will accomplish this for me. I just have to follow it. I have the joy of sharing my epiphanies and discoveries with people everyday. Whether I am speaking to large groups as a public speaker, facilitating workshops or providing personal coaching, I am helping people discover the power of changing their beliefs to match their goals.