Public Speaking

It is my honor to share with as many people as I can, the incredible epiphanies and information I discovered on my journey to success. Within the first minute, my audience will experience the passion I have for sharing my ideas. My goal is for each participant, whether in a small group of 5 people or a large meeting of over 1,000, to understand how simple it is to make changes in their lives and how these simple changes will make a huge impact on their results. To book a keynote presentation or workshop for your organization, please contact Kim Tracy at 720.259.6353 Ext.101.

Here are six titles of presentations I have recently given:

Three keys to reaching a goal

This presentation steps participants through the three keys I have discovered are necessary to reach a goal. 1. Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become actions. 2. Your actions need to draw people to you. 3. Your daily routine should implement 1 & 2 in your life.

Six keys to successful thinking

We all understand our minds work in pictures. There are six consequences of this you need to understand when striving for a goal This presentation explains each one and shows participants how to correctly use them in their life.

Understanding the success formula

We’ve all heard it, “if you believe it, you can achieve it.” What does that really mean and how do you implement it in your life? This high energy presentation will give participants the information they need to use this formula properly.

Unleashing your atomic energy

This presentation provides the science behind why your attitude effects everything around you. Positive thinking is just scratching the surface of how your thoughts and attitudes interact with the atoms that make up our universe.

A powerful routine for your success

Successful people have a daily routine that creates their success. In this presentation, I step participants through the details of the routine I use everyday and the same routine I help my coaching clients implement in their lives.

Removing obstacles from your path

This presentation will make each participant aware of how their past experiences are effecting the actions they take today. I will show participants how to identify and deal with the root of the obstacles keeping them from the success they desire.