I grew up in a normal middle-class American household. 
I had two older brothers and grew up one house away from my grandparents. I was exposed to many things as a child and formed many ideas that shaped my life. One incident that really shaped my childhood was my older brother falling from a ladder at a local grocery store and ending up in a coma for a week. I spent a lot of time with my grandparents as my parents were focused on my brother and the care he was receiving. I was exposed to a level of faith that just blew my mind. I remember walking every morning into our church, stepping into a pew near the front and kneeling next to my grandparents. I was raised Roman Catholic and I am still practicing Roman Catholicism today because of this experience. My grandmother would pray her rosary and basically cut a deal with God, if my brother would be ok she would attend daily mass for the rest of her life. When she was done, daily mass would start. My brother made a full recovery and lives a normal healthy life today. I watched my grandmother attend mass until her health prevented her from doing so. My mother would drive her when she was unable to drive herself. As her health deteriorated, Eucharist was brought to her until her death. Her devotion was completely amazing to me and it continues to affect me today.


As a teenager, my normal life was a good persona but internally I was a mess.
I knew who I was internally, but I was lost trying to determine who I was going to be as a member of society. My faith continued to grow and I started the process of becoming spiritual vs religious. I started my obsession with the game of golf and the game exposed me to the possibility of living a comfortable lifestyle. I became very interested in how business worked from an entrepreneurial stand point. I was interested in playing as much golf as possible. I had two lives, one based in the faith I was learning and the other based upon my desire to be a successful entrepreneur. This conflict caused sadness and depression. It even caused me to start fainting for no reason at all. My parents took me to specialists all over the city. Many of them they had met as a result of my brother’s accident. The doctors found nothing wrong and my life moved on. With the knowledge that I now possess, I know this was my body reacting to this mental conflict. It was basically crying uncle.


College was a great 4 years for me.
Since I was a child, I wanted to attend Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. I met my wife at Texas A&M and learned a lot about life. I really began to discover a ton about myself and the things I wanted to accomplish. However, there was still a lot of confusion in my mind of how I was going to accomplish the dreams I was developing. This is a theme that stayed with me for a long time. I took the attitude of needing faith to reach the level of success I desired. This is when I was first exposed to idea of positive thinking. I read about and took the time to research the story of successful people. Their stories had this theme of being positive and believing in your ability to take action and achieve the goals you desire. I decided it would take an incredible amount of work, but I could achieve the life I desired for myself and my family. So I graduated and jumped into life with both feet.


After getting married, my early work life is scattered with jobs, careers and business opportunities. I was jumping from idea to idea trying to find the combination that would get me the life I desired. It became exhausting as I was putting all my energy into each new thing hoping it was the idea that would take me to the success I desired. I eventually fell into a deep depression. At this point, I cried uncle and gave into corporate America, so I started a career as a financial advisor. I worked and was able to learn a lot about the financial services industry, but I was still frustrated with all the limitations that were around me. As I moved further into my financial services career, I began to see the dreams I had before. This time, I was determined to discover my limitations and make the effort to change them. I began to research everything I could about success. I read books about spirituality and the things God wanted for us. My journey then lead me to metaphysics, the law of attraction and alternative medical techniques. I made the decision I would research until I found a solution to why it had been so difficult for me to achieve the success I desire.


One Sunday morning I was sitting in church and I had a gigantic epiphany.
All the areas of study I had consumed and all the biographies of successful people I had read were all saying the same thing. Success is determined by how are mind, body and soul(spirit) work together. I was so excited. I was jumping up and down and screaming inside while everyone around me was praying quietly. I could not wait to get home and tell wife about my epiphany. As soon as we made it home after lunch and the kids were settled in, I started to tell her what I discovered. I sounded like a toddler speaking gibberish. The ideas were so clear in my mind, but I could not form the words to explain what I could see in my mind. At that moment, I knew how successful people felt when they were speaking to me. They were telling me exactly what to do but to me they were speaking another language. This is the same experience we are all having during the process of discovery. This is because their bodies, or their subconscious minds were operating with a completely different set of rules than mine was. I had studied hypnotherapy and saw how powerful our subconscious minds are and how we had no idea what was in them. I learned from some chiropractors how our body’s energy field (our soul or spirit) could either work to heal us or cause us pain and illness. So I took the time to develop a methodology to explain to people the amazing process that either causes them the frustration they are experiencing or if they are willing to learn a different set of rules the success they desire. That methodology is the ART of Being Successful.