I saw results that were not there before.

Jim Bridges

Someone just flipped a light switch.

Kimberly Fullen

It unleashed everything.

Katie Stogner

The golden ticket to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory.

Laura Geninatti

In 4 days I have been able to remove the doubt.

Ben Villarreal


Craig has helped me realize the pitfalls of my approach to techniques I have tried in the past, and has helped me to achieve greater success in my life by shifting my focus, or rather un-focusing on the perceived problems and directing the lens at my desired outcomes instead. The techniques Craig teaches allow us to bypass the part of our minds that want to figure things out, replaying the problems again and again therefore spiraling into more of the same, and goes directly to telling a different story for ourselves – one we actually want. Initially, I fell into this same mode when I started these techniques, but the more I’ve practiced and utilized the techniques, the greater shifts I’ve begun to experience. It is astounding to me that we can so simply access a part of our minds that we can’t think our way into. Craig has been helpful to keep explaining particular points that I’ve struggled with to help me see greater success. The moment when it “clicked” was pivotal for me. Since then, I’ve been able to utilize the emotional mantra’s to un-focus on the problem and zero in on my goals to my full potential.

Erin Burke, Artist, Creative Strategist, Social Media – Radiant Fibers LLC


Craig Hallenberger is dedicated to showing people how to defeat and overcome their fears. Through mantras and simple strategies, Craig shows a person how to let things go, thus improving one’s decision-making process, reducing anxiety, and helping one move forward. What also impresses me about Craig is his knowledge of how our experiences drive our actions. It isn’t something that we necessarily think about until we take the time to reflect and look back at our life and decisions that we’ve made. In particular, “Letting Go” has helped me the most and in truth, it was almost too easy to believe. But once you are ready to receive Craig’s information, it’s amazing how quickly you become open to receiving and the amazing opportunities that await.

Kim Tracy, Chief Communications Officer – Every Level of Success