Three things you need to know when striving for a goal.

To some degree everyone struggles trying to reach their goals. After my own personal journey, as well as working with hundreds of coaching clients, I have determined three things you need to absolutely know if you are going to successfully reach a goal.

First, you need to learn how thoughts become beliefs and how beliefs become actions. You are not just going to wake up one day and your income has increase 50% or you are 20 pounds lighter and healthier. You need to take action to reach these goals. The actions you take to make these goals happen have a predecessor, the beliefs that you hold and those beliefs begin with the thoughts that you have. If you’re going to reach any goal in your life, you have to understand the process of thoughts create beliefs and beliefs drive actions.

Next, you need to learn how your actions push people away from you and how to reverse this phenomenon. Science states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. For some people this appears completely natural, with every action they take, people come to them. For the majority of us, we don’t realize how our actions are pushing people away and pulling people to us. In order to reach a goal, you must use your actions to bring people to you. Otherwise, your journey is going to be a struggle, you are going to exert a lot of energy and unfortunately, you may stop before you reach your goal.

And finally, you need to learn a daily routine that changes your beliefs to match the goals you have for your life. The actions you take today create your tomorrow. Taking the time to learn what drives your actions and how your actions affect the world around you is extremely valuable. However, it would be a complete waste of time if you do not have a daily routine that actually implements those ideas in your life. It is the actions you take every day that is going to make a difference as to how easy and whether or not you are able to meet your defined goals.

It is completely up to you. You can take the time and learn the information I want to share with you and change your life or you can continue to do what you have been doing and get the results that you have been getting.  

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