What ART is


Your sub-conscious mind controls your actions

90% of the actions you take on a daily basis are performed by your sub conscious mind. In other words, you perform them without having to use your conscious or thinking mind. Your success lies in becoming aware of and developing these actions you are performing without being consciously aware of them.

Thoughts become beliefs and beliefs become actions

As you repeatedly think about something, it establishes itself as a belief in your mind. Your decision to take any action is based upon your belief regarding that situation. So if you know you need to perform a particular action, then your beliefs need to align to them. 

Your life is a reflection of your beliefs

This is the #1 thing I see people do wrong. They are trying to change the world around them. This is a futile attempt at success because the world you are seeing is a reflection of your belief system. So people are literally trying to change a reflection instead of the source creating the reflection.


The actions of your present determines your future

Many of us think the actions of the past determine our future. We are working to fix the mistakes of the past. We are told to forgive others, when what we need to learn is how to forgive ourselves. If we would forgive ourselves and move on, we would be much happier and more productive. Our fear of the future is only validated by events we remember in the past. If we had no past experiences, then we would see an infinite future.

Forgiveness is a process of learning

Forgiving must be reinforces just as holding a grudge must be reinforced. We cannot just have an intent to forgive and be done. We must reinforce that forgiveness until it establishes itself as a belief in our mind. At that moment, your life will reflect the change and you will experience the freedom of forgiveness.

Forgiveness starts and ends with you

Remember, your life is a reflection of your beliefs. It is not necessary to directly forgive others. If you simply work to establish the forgiveness in yourself, the reflection process will make the world adjust to you. Just like trying to change your reflection, you may be disappointed with the outcome of expressing and asking for others forgiveness.


You must learn to control the pictures your mind sees

Your mind is learning from every picture it sees. It learns as you experience life, from the movies and tv shows you watch to the pictures your imagination creates for you. Stop passively letting the world form you and take control of this process. You choose what shows and movies you watch, as well as what you focus your imagination on. By controlling these pictures you can control the direction of your life.

You need a daily routine to establish a belief

To teach your mind something you need to reinforce it over and over again. The simplest way to control this is through a powerful daily routine. If your daily routine reinforces the beliefs you need to reach your goal, then you can ride the natural process to achieve your goal. It sure beats the alternative of exerting an incredible amount of energy trying to force a result in your life.

Consistency is the key to reaching a goal

I see people everyday struggling to achieve the success they desire. One of the main causes of this is the constant starting and stopping or zig zagging every month as new ideas are introduced to them. Your mind needs data delivered specifically and consistently if you are going to succeed.